23 March 2005

Top Ten

The top ten reasons why I started this blog:

10. The god Apollo told me to start it. Here I'll stay, until the god summons me to depart.

9. All human beings by nature yearn to blog.

8. My aim was to be divine, and this was as close as I could get.

7. Blogging is elemental: "The earth floats on water, like a blog."

6. My daimonion hindered me from doing everything else that I wanted to do.

5. But Averroes had three blogs.

4. I've descended to blogging, to release fellow bloggers from bondage.

3. It is necessary that one blog: to wonder whether one should blog, is already to blog.

2. For this we were born, for this one purpose we came into existence: To contemplate a computer screen.

1. To disprove the first line of the Nicomachean Ethics.


Anonymous said...

Are you Apollo didn't tell you to jog, not blog? Jogging is elemental and necessary and divine and all the rest. Moreover, jogging conduces to health and virtue; blogging, I fear, does the opposite. Maybe you should check with Delphi.

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought what I heard was "musiken poiei and blogazou , so I've been playing my French horn and blogging. But, come to think of it, maybe it was ERGazou

Posted by Michael Pakaluk