28 March 2005

Every Good Implies a Limit

I said that this Thursday, March 31, would be my artificial deadline for changing emphasis for the while from Plato to Aristotle. The deadline is created by Fran O'Rourke's upcoming BACAP lecture on analogy and metaphor in Aristotle.

So I need to plan how I will deal with Plato's Utopia Recast in the four days that remain. (Admittedly, planning and blogs don't go together well. But in this case it's necessary.) I have a couple more points to make about the Phaedo. That will occupy today. Tuesday I'll examine whether non-philosophers have virtues in the Republic. Wednesday I'll look at Bobonich's claim about how Plato's psychology changes. And Thursday I'll look at the 'Dependency Thesis'. Thus:

Today: Phaedo clean-up
Tuesday: virtues among non-philosophers in the Republic
Wednesday: putative developments in Platonic psychology
Thursday: the dependence of goods upon wisdom

Today and tomorrow I'll finish looking at the supposed explanandum. Wednesday and Thursday I'll look at Bobonich's explanans.

Please, please, please join in! The thoughtful comments that readers have offered so far, show how much more interesting a blog can be when it generates a true discussion.