06 March 2005

It's Nuts

This week, it was Mad River Glen, Vermont.

But not to ski. Rather, to snow shoe, with two of my little guys, too young to go skiing. We drove up to Randolph, Vermont, for the weekend, and took advantage of some relatively mild weather on Saturday afternoon to attempt an arduous (for them--the mean is relative!) one mile snowshoe hike, which took two hours.

On our little walk, we would sometimes pass across glade ski trails through the woods. It happened several times that I'd look up at some wall or jumble of boulders, and then--amazingly-- see an expert skier come sking down--going past us, and then, below, jumping off what appeared to be some cliff, continuing on his way down the mountain.

Darn, they're good skiers there. And unassuming. It's the real deal.