09 March 2005


1. The site currently hosting this blog, Blogger, does not have a feature whereby recently added comments are listed in the sidebar. Readers have pointed out that such a feature would useful as removing the need to scroll through the posts and comments to look for new additions. I'll be moving Dissoi Blogoi within the next week or so to a site that has that feature, and more besides, so stay tuned.

2. Please let me know if you have had difficulties reading Greek using SPIonic. I've been alerted to a possible problem in this regard for Mac users and wonder if others have had the same difficulty.


Richard said...

See here for how to add 'recent comments' to Blogger. (See my blog for an example of them in action. Note that the hack only picks up recent comments from posts still displayed on your main page, so you may prefer to still move anyway.)

Michael Pakaluk said...

Many thanks, Richard. As you can see, I've installed your add-on already.