11 March 2005

Morning on the Mountain

"Welcome to the world of edge skiing", the technician said, smiling, as he handed me a pair of parabolic racing skis I bought for $51 at Mad River Glen. Some seasoned skier there who was trading up to shorter skis had donated his old pair to the shop, and I just happened to see them soon after they had been placed on the rack with the tag, "Make on offer over $50."

I tested them out this morning at Mt. Wachusett, skiing with Gavin Colvert, a philosopher and medievalist who lives in the next town over. (Great thing about Lancaster, it's 20 minutes away from a ski hill.) I used to take pride that I could ski well enough with my straight-edge Rossi's. No more. Soft, sure, and sweet--I ain't goin' back.

Now for a reply to that challenge I posed last night....