12 March 2005

Blogkeeping II

I've installed a Recent Comments feature, visible now in the side bar, and also a new method of commenting, so that readers no longer need to sign in to post a comment.

Thanks to Blogger Hacks for these add-ons.

I still might move this blog, however, because so far Blogger does not support 'categories' in the side-bar. This is a feature by which past posts can be sorted and made available by topic. But perhaps Blogger Hacks will write code also for this ...??


Anonymous said...

I have no idea whether the BloggerHacks guy can make an automatic 'category' feature. But it isn't too difficult to create your own manually. It takes a bit of effort to maintain, but it works for me okay. (Again, see my blog Philosophy, et cetera  for an example - the 'category' section is near the top of the sidebar, and just links to a bunch of posts that I regularly update with links to new posts on the relevant topics.)

Good luck, whatever you end up doing! :) 

Posted by Richard