22 March 2005

A Shift Next Week

Next Thursday, March 31, Fran O'Rourke of University College Dublin will be giving the next lecture in the BACAP series at Boston College. I'll give you more details later. The point of this post, is to say that I plan on counting that lecture as an artificial deadline. O'Rourke's lecture will be on the distinction between analogy and metaphor according to Aristotle. (I gather: why analogy is important in science and metaphysics but metaphor is not.) So I'll treat that lecture as a convenient time to shift focus--not in an exclusive way, of course!--from attention to Plato, especially the Laws, to attention to Aristotle.

I do need, after all, to write a review of Gabriel Lear's book. Two reviews, in fact. (There's a story in how that happened. It's not as problematic as it may seem.) So I need to give it double attention.