15 April 2005

To Post or Not to Post

Being still relatively new at blogging and its conventions, I don't quite see clearly what is the best form of a reply to Sam Rickless' very interesting and thoughtful comment on my post, What Does the Text Say? Should I answer a comment with a comment? But then readers have to chase down comments upon comments. Should I pull out passages and place them in a post, before replying? But that perhaps is to exercise an unfair advantage, as blogger, over my readers, and besides it might seem to negate the purpose of the comments function.

So I'm going to adopt a middle course (a reasonable 'mean', mind you, not a cowardly compromise!). I'll aim to post when it seems that something have to say that in effect starts a new thread, and I'll comment when I'm simply following up on something a commentator has said.


Sam Rickless said...

Dear Michael,

That seems eminently reasonable to me. Thanks again for putting so much work into this discussion. It's been (and continues to be) very stimulating.


Clark Goble said...

Generally I find that if my reply is short, I put it in the comments. If it is long, and possible tangental, I put it in a separate post.