20 April 2005

SIPs for Lear

Amazon gives the following as Statistically Improbable Phrases in Lear's book:

monistic end, choiceworthy for the sake, finality criterion, worth choosing for the sake, accordance with the other virtue, most final end, thumos courage, excellent practical reasoning, approximates contemplation, excellent theoretical reasoning, monistic goods, morally virtuous activity, prohairetic state, morally virtuous actions, excellent rational activity, practical truthfulness, life worth choosing, made more choiceworthy, most final virtue, ends choiceworthy, accordance with moral virtue, inclusivist interpretation, most choiceworthy, convergent end, morally virtuous agent

I propose as an Austinian criterion of good philosophy: No reliable book in philosophy should have any SIPs besides those that count as plain (if quirky) English.

But would Austin meet this criterion himself? You judge for yourself. Here are SIPs for Austin's Philosophical Papers:

sensible diagrams, mangy condition, real goldfinch, true statements state, linguistic legislation, logically superfluous, fact that the cat, past indicative, explicit performative, performative verbs