03 April 2005

NYCCAP on April 9

The year's fourth and final meeting of the New York City Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy is this Saturday, April 9. Matt Evans of NYU will be leading it, on the Nicomachean Ethics VII discussion of pleasure.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the three earlier sessions of the Colloquium, led by Iakovos Vasiliou, Hendrik Lorenz, and Jennifer Whiting. But I can make this one and will aim to recount it for readers of Dissoi Blogoi.


Thornton Lockwood said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting the info about the NYCCAP. I have a query: is there any sort of "clearing house" for information about conferences, colloquia, reading groups, etc. for just ancient philosophy? Although I will be unable to attend the 4/9/05 meeting you describe, had I known earlier I might have been able to attend (and certainly I would have liked to attend). The problem is that usually I don't learn about these things until the week before they happen, and that is too late to make any sort of travel plans.



Michael Pakaluk said...

BACAP is open to all comers; my impression has been that NYCCAP is by invitation, but generous in its invitations. Interested scholars should contact Iakovos Vasiliou, the secretary of NYCCAP, vasiliou@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

Michael Pakaluk said...

P.S. There is no such 'clearing house', but Dissoi Blogoi might naturally become one. Readers should let me know of information of that sort that they would like posted.

Thornton Lockwood said...
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Thornton Lockwood said...

Does the site you use allow you to create pages with links to other pages or (maybe better) drop down menus on your home page? One possibility would be to create a page with links to what's going on in the various US ancient communities (i.e., a link to the NY Colloquium, BACAP, the Chicago colloquium, SAGP, etc.), and then keep those up to date. It would be more work, of course, but presumably a member of each one of the communities (a society secretary) could supply the current information.

Personally, I wish SAGP did this, but althugher they are very good at sending out calls for papers, etc., they don't update their website within anything like the frequency that your blog is updated. And of course, they're not trying to run a blog, so I don't mean to imply criticism by false comparison.

Michael Pakaluk said...

It's easy enough to provide links to other sites, but the organizations you mention either don't have webpages, or do but not frequently updated pages. (Even BACAP does not have a webpage, although the plan is to develop one this summer.)