01 April 2005

Aristotle Vindicated Once Again

Readers of Dissoi Blogoi may recall, from my Top Ten Reasons Why I Started This Blog, the #1 reason: to see if I could prove wrong the first line of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, that every endeavor aims at some good.

But these deep statements have a way of turning out true, no matter what mere human beings attempt. Despite my best efforts, Aristotle has been vindicated once again. To wit:

After Fran O'Rourke's lecture last night at Boston College, I was talking with Andriy Tsintsiruk, a first year grad student at Boston College who hails from Ukraine. Our conversation turned to Dissoi Blogoi. Andriy pointed out--what I hadn't known--that the word БЛАГО (blogo) in Russian simply means 'the Good' (it's how one would render ta0gaqo/n), and that the adjective БЛАГОI (blogoi ) means 'virtuous'.

So there you have it. In trying not to do anything good at all, I managed in fact to attain The Good.


Christopher Roberts said...

"Attain" or "aim at"? Did you manage to do anything? Or was it simply that you couldn't help doing what we always do in all our endeavors, namely, aim at some good? I think it is something different to claim that Dissoi Blogoi aims at some good and that you have attained The Good. And I think Aristotle would agree with me on this point. After all, the degree to which you attain a good, and the permanence of your possession of it, are not mere givens but must be determined through analysis.