20 April 2005

My Non-Schedule

A reader of Dissoi Blogoi wrote and referred at one poing to my blog 'schedule', to which I replied that one of the great merits of a blog is that it has no schedule. A blog is 'unstructured time'. We open the doors wide to serendipity and close them to necessity.

Of course, one needs to move along, otherwise one sins against another attraction of a blog, which is its timeliness, or at least sense of timeliness. The present tense governs a blog. (And, pace MacTaggart, it did govern it in the past, and it will govern it in the future.)

And so we move along from Sam Rickless on the Third Man, to (now) Gabriel Richardson Lear on Aristotelian eudaimonia, to (next week) Thomas Johanssen, who presents a BACAP lecture on perception in Aristotle. (And if only I could remove the static from my attempts at bilocating, I might have included, also, the Toronto Conference last weekend, on--wouldn't you know?--the divided self.)