15 April 2005

Plato and the Divided Self

An excellent conference on Plato begins today that the University of Toronto. Further information may be found here. The program is as follows:

Friday April 15:

4:15-5:00: Registration (Room 1200, Bahen Centre): $20, free to University of Toronto students

5:00-6:30: Jonathan Lear (University of Chicago), 'The Socratic Method and Psychoanalysis'. Comments by Iakovos Vasiliou (City University of New York)

Reception in Woodbury Library, Dept. of Classics (97 St. George St. )

Saturday April 16:

9:30-10:00 Late registration

10:00-11:30: Jennifer Whiting (University of Toronto), 'Psychic Contingency in Plato'. Comments by Eric Brown (Washington University, St. Louis)

11:45-1:15: André Laks (Université de Lille III), 'En quel sens l'homme est-il une marionnette pour Platon?'. Comments by Chris Bobonich (Stanford University)

2:30-4:00: Rachana Kamtekar (University of Arizona), 'Speaking with the same voice as reason'. Comments by Philip Clark (University of Toronto)

4:15-5:45: Raphael Woolf (Harvard University), 'How to See an Unencrusted Soul'
Comments by Jessica Moss (University of Pittsburgh)

Sunday April 17:

10:00-11:30: Louis-André Dorion (Université de Montréal), 'Enkrateia and partition of the soul in the Gorgias'. Comments: Tom Angier (University of Toronto)

11:45-1:15: Dominic Scott (Cambridge University), 'The Tyrant and Eros'
Comments by Gabriel Richardson Lear (University of Chicago)

All sessions will be held in the Bahen Centre (40 St. George St.), Room 1230.