13 May 2006

Works in 20 Volumes

I do have an excuse for posting this picture of the late Dieter Roth's magnificent sculpture, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel- Werke in 20 Banden (1974).

I was thinking about 'edible art' as a way of explaining how one and the same thing might be loveable in the three different ways that Aristotle allows: pleasant (to the taste); useful (as people buy art for an investment); and good (as a work of art). An internet search led me to this. (By the way, Arthur Danto has a wonderful essay on Roth here.)

Unfortunately, this particular sculpture won't serve as an example, because it isn't edible: each sausage, it turns out, is stuffed with boiled pages from the corresponding volume of Hegel.

But Roth has other sculptures in chocolate.

Meanwhile, will someone please do a similar sculpture for Dugald Stewart, in haggis?

And one for Plato, too, using only his Laws--on Bismarck's idea that the Laws are like sausage.