17 May 2006

Last BACAP Lecture of 2005-6, David Reeve

B. A. C. A. P.
The Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy
and Dartmouth College

Professor David Reeve
Philosophy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“Goat-Stags, Philosopher-Kings, and Eudaimonism in Plato's Republic

Professor Mark McPherran
Philosophy, University of Maine, Farmington

Thursday, May 18
Rockefeller Center, Room 1
Dartmouth College
7:30 pm

Also a seminar:
“The Project of the Republic”
Thursday, May 18
A lunchtime seminar, 12-2
Thornton Hall, Room 101

Both the lecture and the seminar are open to the public.
For more information, please contact:
Professor Christie Thomas, Philosophy, Dartmouth College