08 May 2006

How To: Multiple Home Pages in Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser...

...do you know that you can make multiple tabs serve as your homepage? This is what I do. When I open my browser in the morning, it simultaneously and immediately opens, as various tabbed web pages:

  • my web e-mail
  • Dissoi Blogoi
  • Blogger dashboard
  • TLG
  • Perseus
  • LSJ
  • my web calendar
  • other blogs and sites I read on a daily basis
Here's how you do it. In Firefox, open the sites you look at each day, in the order of importance. Then go to the "Tools" pull-down menu. Select "Options". Under Options, select "General". Under General, click the button that reads "Use Current Pages". This will make all of your opened tabs your 'home page'. When you open Firefox, it will automatically load all of these pages for you: no need any longer to open them up individually.