09 October 2007

A Reason to Switch, Ipso Facto

A friend writes:

"You might consider going back to a Mac. Diogenes now includes LSJ and Lewis Short, and the former is linked to the TLG. No need for Perseus."
Yes, it's true: with the free search program available from Diogenes, those long waits for Perseus pages to load are now a thing of the past. One need only click on a word from searched text, and instantaneously the LSJ entry will show up in a split window.

Not that this alone could justify, for me, switching now to a Mac. However, if this Dell laptop . . . were to fall . . . accidentally . . . from my desk >>>
* ($@*$)***)#$*$*&&!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it now works on Windows?

Michael Pakaluk said...

Evidently it has since 2006. I thought the essence of my friend's remark was that there could no longer be any advantage in using a PC.