24 September 2007

Yale Working Group Series, Fall 2007

The Working Group in Ancient Philosophy at Yale has put together an excellent series for Fall 2007.

The first event is a presentation tomorrow by Adam Beresford, who will also be a commentator in BACAP:

Tuesday 25 September 5:45pm
Adam Beresford, UMass Boston. "Aristotle on Slavery".
Food served; Connecticut Hall Rm 104.

Tuesday 09 October 5:45pm
Ursula Coope, Oxford. Title and location TBA.

Tuesday 13 November 5:45pm
Hendrik Lorenz, Princeton. Title and location TBA.

Monday 26 November 5:45
Justin Broackes, Brown. "Locke on Substance".
Joint meeting of the Working Group in Ancient Philosophy and the Society for Early Modern Philosophy at Yale. Connecticut Hall Rm 104.
Further details for the 9 Oct and 26 Nov events will be made available on the Ancient Philosophy Calendar.