12 September 2007

Two Books Drawn from a Long Queue

I've just finished reading through all of the book reviews that I've allowed to accumulate in my Inbox from summer months. A minor accomplishment.

Which books seemed most appealing to me? I would select two:

Andre/ Laks, Introduction a\ la "philosophie pre/socratique". Paris:
Presses Universitaires de France, 2006. Pp. 172. ISBN 2-13-055663-9.
EUR 16.00,
not least for its attention to Cassirer, and also (one might say "of course"):
Daniel Graham, Explaining the Cosmos: The Ionian Tradition of
Scientific Philosophy. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006.
Pp. viii, 344. ISBN 0-691-12540-6. $45.00.
If you missed them, reviews are here and here.

And that's all I'll say -- as reading not writing has been my task this morning.