17 May 2005

Topics and Issues for May

Since this Thursday, May 19, is Anthony Price's lecture at Dartmouth, the final event for BACAP for the year, on whether Aristotle was a 'particularist' in ethics, I'll plan to shift discussion then to that topic. (I've already mentioned that my own view--I've just written a paper on this--is that Aristotle believes that some sorts of actions are not to be done, whatever the consequences.)

At the end of next week, on May 27, I travel to Cambridge University for participation in the May Week seminar on the Parva naturalia and plan to give reports 'from the front.'

But today and tomorrow I hope to post a few more comments on whether, if we accept a capacity reading of DA 3.2 (as we should), we should take Aristotle to be an 'inner sense' theorist, as Johansen believes. Although I've been critical of Caston's 'activity reading', it's not clear to me that his account of the 'structure of consciousness' isn't closer to Aristotle's view in the end.