28 May 2005

Cambridge May Week Seminar

I've arrived in Cambridge for the May Week seminar and write this from Jaffa Cafe on Mill Street, where I've stopped en route to Mike's Bikes, to hire a bicycle for the week.

I've got digs in Darwin College, a perfect location, essentially across the street from the Classics library, and in a lovely part of the city.

Here's the schedule for the seminar:

Aristotle, De Somno, De Insomniis, De Divinatione per Somnum

Monday 30 May
10.30-12.30: Introduction & De Somno 1 , Geoffrey Lloyd
4.30-6.30: De Somno 2 , Stephen Menn

Tuesday 31 May
10.30-12.30: De Somno 3 , Philip van der Eijk
4.00-6.00: De Insomniis 1 , Catherine Osborne

Wednesday 1 June
10.30-12.30: De Insomniis 2 , Michael Pakaluk
4.00-6.00: De Insomniis 3 , Richard King (with commentary on
461b8-31 by Pierre-Marie Morel)

Thursday 2 June
10.30-12.30: De Insomniis 3 (continued): further discussion as
necessary, led by Malcolm Schofield; followed by Bob Sharples: Aristotle
on divination, in De Divinatione and elsewhere.
4.00-6.00: De Divinatione 1 , Walter Cavini (NB: depending on
progress in the previous session, Bob Sharples' remarks may be deferred to
the beginning of this session)

Friday 3 June
10.30-12.30: De Divinatione 2 , Brad Inwood
4.00-6.00: Concluding session, led by David Sedley