10 May 2005

Quick Quiz: The John Locke Lectures

1. Since the founding of the John Locke Lectures in the University of Oxford, two philosophers have lectured on topics in ancient philosophy. Who are they, and when did they lecture?

2. Who delivered the first John Locke Lectures? (I was very surprised. But perhaps the 1950-51 date will serve as a clue.)

No googling allowed!!


Soheil Moshirolsadat said...

1) First one was Professor G. Vlastos at 1959-60 academic year and second was Professor J. Barnes at 2003-04.
2) Oets Kolk Bouwsma at 1950-51.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and it shows how important Wittgenstein was, I suppose, that of all the philosophers in the world then, Bouwsma was asked... or is there some story or special circumstances behind this? I don't know. 

Posted by Michael Pakaluk