20 March 2007

Thwarted In a Summit Attempt Once More

Mt. Washington in New Hampshire claims "the world's worst weather". We had proof of that yesterday morning, when we had to call off our attempt at a climb because of 120 mile per hour winds on the summit (wind chill of -50 degrees F). We opted instead for a pleasant (and safe) hike with snow shoes below tree line, where it was calm and mild.

That's me with the Huntington Ravine headwall showing in the background.

Mount Adams and Mount Madison.

Mount Jefferson seen from across the Great Gulf Wilderness.
(Believe it or not, this is a color photo. The contrast between the snowfields and the dark ravines seems to have suppressed all the colors.)
One more photo, this one taken on the Mt. Washington Auto Road.
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George Charles Allen said...

That looks like a lot of fun. And my, what a view!