25 November 2006

Adventures in Ideas

I discovered recently with pleasure that my teacher, Sarah Broadie, will be giving the 2007 Whitehead Lectures at Harvard University, May 10th and 11th--an honor not simply for Broadie but also for ancient philosophy. (After all, some footnotes to Plato are more conspicuous than others.)

Has another 'ancient philosopher' ever given Whitehead lectures? A quick exploration of the internet uncovered the following as past lecturers:

Tyler Burge
Cora Diamond
Michael Friedman
Nelson Goodman
Saul Kripke
David Lewis
Mary Mothersill
Thomas Nagel
Christopher Peacocke
Sydney Shoemaker
Morton White
Bernard Williams
Crispin Wright


George Charles Allen said...

Along the lines of upcoming lectures and conferences, I thought you might be interested in this.


Michael Pakaluk said...


Thanks. I'll take up your suggestion and feature this as a post.