21 October 2006

Switched from Mozilla Firefox to IE 7

"I think in about ten years we'll see Microsoft as dwindled down to a mid-size company and absorbed by someone else. The big challenge today for everyone is Google, not Microsoft. Google is after Microsoft with a web-based alternative to Office. They're working on a Blackberry replacement. They've got their sights on everything, and they've got the money and innovation to succeed. Although, I will grant Microsoft this--they've come back really strong with IE 7. I've been using Mozilla Firefox now for over a year, but I just switched to back to IE. It's got tabs, great security, lots of neat features."

It's not because I love the underdog (how could Microsoft ever be an underdog, no matter how small it gets?), but I was convinced by my tech friend's endorsement and, after giving it a try, switched this morning to IE.


Anonymous said...

And it is faster than Firefox!


Posted by Andrew