25 October 2006

Philosophy and Religion in Ancient Greece (Chicago)

To my mind, this conference looks extraordinarily good:

The University of Chicago , The University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University


Philosophy and Religion in Ancient Greece

November 3-4, 2006

Friday, November 3
Northwestern University, Harris Hall, Room 108, 1881 Sheridan Road Evanston

2:00 - 3:45
Patricia Curd, Purdue University , "Divinity, Intelligibility, and Human Understanding in Presocratic Thought"
Comments: Brad Inwood, Universityof Toronto

Stephen Menn, McGill University , "Physics and Religion in Heraclitus"
Comments: Victor Caston, University of Michigan

Saturday, November 4
morning session at: University of Illinois at Chicago, Humanities Institute, Stevenson Hall (lower level), 701 S. Morgan

David Sedley, Christ's College, Cambridge University , "Platonic Immortality"
Comments: Sean Kelsey, UCLA

Gabor Betegh, Central European University , Budapest , "Tale, Theology, and Teleology in the Phaedo"
Comments: Tad Brennan, Northwestern University

afternoon session at: University of Chicago , Classics 10, 1010 E. 59th Street

2:00-3:45: Alasdair MacIntryre, University of Notre Dame, "Sophoclean Conflicts: Between Religion and Philosophy"
Comments: Jonathan Lear, University of Chicago

4:00- 5:45: Sarah Broadie, University of St. Andrew 's, "Descent and Reminiscence in the Timaeus-Critias"
Comments: Barbara Sattler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

5:45-6:16 Closing Remarks: Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago

For further information about attending the conference, or to attend the dinners Friday or Saturday evening, please contact Richard Kraut, rkraut1@northwestern.edu.