09 July 2006

Until July 16, Non Cogito

I've been wanting to post but must finally face up to reality.

We're in the midst of a move, from our sprawling homestead in Lancaster, to a tiny 1100 sq ft apartment in Cambridge, MA. We attained the keys to the apartment today and have agreed with our renters to be out of our current residence within a week.

(The reason for this move, is to be closer to my wife's Ph.D. program in economics: the plan is that, through her finishing her dissertation, the privative evil of an ABD willl be removed from the world.)

The moving in part is easy. We need merely select out a tiny subset of our furnishings, and take personal effects roughly equal to what one would bring on a 2-week vacation. This effects a marvelous simplification.

However, everything that remains must be dealt with: if not placed the trashbin, then boxed and put into storage. Thus an enormous quantity of stuff must be handled.

Philosopher that I am, the overwhelming magnitude of this task has just struck me--which has led me also to realize that, in truth, I will not be able to post, or even so much as glance at a scholarly book, until July 16 or so.

And now, dear reader, I have given you fair warning.


Joel W said...

Good luck!