03 July 2006

On Vacation

You might have guessed that I was away on vacation last week. It didn't seem wise to announce it to the world beforehand. But there can be no harm after the fact.

Of course, no one wants to see pictures of someone else's vacation. Yet what about a picture which shows the very essence of vacation?
(That's Gregory in the "Ball Crawl" in Storyland, New Hampshire.)

Or a picture which has a splendor all its own, such as the following, taken from a ledge on Mt. Willard, overlooking Crawford Notch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire?(In the foreground that's Gregory, once again; Joseph, known already to readers of this blog; and Nicholas.)

Or a picture which proves that, once in a while, moose actually do cross the road, or at least come near the road, at one of those innummerable 'Moose Crossings' indicated on New England roadways?