22 December 2005

Degrees of Dubiety

Received today in my mailbox:

Based on your present knowledge and past life experiences our University administration
office has been trying to contact you. We feel you may qualify for one of our Univsersity
degrees in your area of expertise.

We have been qualifying people based on thier experiences in past and present jobs and
are offering qualified degrees with transcripts for those that qualify.

If you call our offices now we can confirm our information and send you either a Bachelors',
Masters', or Doctorate within 2 weeks.

I'm following this up and will let you know how it turns out. I'm looking for a degree in spelling or typing.


Anonymous said...

You think they have an M.A. in blogging?

Thornton said...

Is it possible to pass on what you learn to the Atty Gen.'s office or something in MA? I know in some states the powers that be have taken serious steps to close these diploma mills. Figure if you're going to take the time to apply for it, couldn't hurt to pass on your results.

Just a thought.

BTW: Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Professor Pakaluk!