06 September 2005


Josh Dever at the University of Texas, Austin, is compiling a modern list of successions, a 'family tree' of dissertation supervisors and their philosophical descendents. You can see it here and add to the genealogy, if you wish.

The influence of Mourelatos, Owen, Cooper may be discerned. Some smile-provoking reconstructions of ancient successions are added. But Vlastos is conspicuous for his absence so far, and European universities are hardly represented. Still, it's a worthy and time-honored project. (Do we still all flourish at 40?)


Josh Dever said...

Thanks for the advertisement. Vlastos is indeed on the tree, as a student on Whitehead.

Michael Pakaluk said...

Yup, there he is. I guess I was looking for an even larger cluster of 'offspring.' But I understand the tree is not complete.

Scott Carson said...

Do we still all flourish at 40?

I'm shooting for 50.

I'd better hurry!