31 August 2005

The Sun is New Each Day

Well, I've been bad and plan to return today, now, to my practice of daily posts on Dissoi Blogoi.

In part I've been distracted by a new arrival. Yes, I have some very good news to share: we have a piglet. Yorkshire breed, very cute. In the last week I've built a small pen for him and a servicable pig ark. We don't yet have a name (suggestions welcome). Since we're not vegetarians, people advise 'Pork Chop' or the equivalent.

I'm thinking of arranging a philosophy field trip for my students in ancient philosophy. They'll find ample corroboration of "Pigs wash themselves in mud, birds in dust or ash" and "Pigs rejoice in mud more than pure water." Indeed.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new arrival. You ask about a proper name. There is a verse playing in mind that I cannot attribute:

Let Grill be Grill
and have his swinish ways.

The verse alludes to a Latin and originally a Greek proverb, which I also cannot bring to mind. Gryllus was supposedly the most swinish of Ulysses' companions. Transformed by Circe into a pig, he later resisted a return to human form. Wisely & deliberately, I've always thought.
Classical scholars help me with this one.