02 August 2005

Really Wish I Could Post, But....

Greetings from Mayrhofen, in the Zillertal Alps of Austria, where I'm hiking these next few days. I've found one internet terminal in a cafe and another in a bar (where I am now!). I've had to take care of some business in the occasion I've had to use these machines. I do have some items to post, and will aim to get at them soon?

Have any D.B. readers been here? It's an amazing place.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the life of an ancient philosophy professor 'aint too bad. Where do I sign up for that? ;-)

Michael Pakaluk said...

Well, there's a subject, surely, of another line of comments: what the actual life of a philosophy professor is like, and whether, in light of this, we should encourage promising students to pursue this, in what circumstances and on what grounds (especially anyone interested in having children!).

This post about a visit in the Austrian Alps is of course tongue-in-cheek (as was the comment!). The reality of my summers has usually been: gritty work in a library without good air-conditioning. Add to that the persistent struggles of self-discipline we all seem to have to fight. It's something of a freak that I've had to travel so far and wide in the past few months.

And here's a curious thing about my travels. Although I've travelled more this year than any other such span in my life, and although I've always wanted to travel, or have always thought that I've wanted to travel, I find that I'm fairly indifferent to it now. In particular I don't have any 'romaniticism' of travel, which I once had.

(Okay, take this comment to be an instance of the indiscretion, if you wish, which some think inherently vitiates blogs!)

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