08 February 2008

Multiple Posts

A point of clarification about the posting policy of this blog.

It's a common practice of blogs to post once on a subject and allow discussion to take the form of a thread of comments on that single post.

I've often taken a different approach here. Many times I choose to 'serialize' my comments about something, presenting them over a series of days, in posts which have something of a dramatic or narrative structure. This procedure seems to me often better for examining a philosophical claim or argument.

In my view, a blog post should be (roughly) no larger than what can fit on a screen and be seen in one view. It should present essentially a single thought. If due treatment of something requires more than one thought, it therefore requires more than one post. Several posts on a topic, then, imply nothing about the importance of that topic.

But that I shouldn't take up discussion of anything except matters of importance -- that's another demand, and one that I doubt a blog should even attempt to meet. On the other hand, I think this blog has succeeded better than most at avoiding topics so easy to discuss but that can squander our energies.