07 November 2007

Keeling Colloquium 2007

I don't wish to make the Ancient Philosophy Calendar redundant, only advertise it (see sidebar). Here's another great event posted on it, which begins today. (But isn't 'particular virtues' an homonymy? One might just as well discuss particular theories of generality.)

Seventh Keeling Colloquium: Particulars in Greek Philosophy
Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th November 2007


Wednesday 7th November

Robert Wardy (Cambridge)
Moral vision and legislating for the good in Aristotle
Respondent: Peter Adamson (KCL)

Carlo Natali (Venice)
Particular virtues in the NE of Aristotle
Respondent: Terry Irwin (Oxford)

Thursday 8th November

Morning paper cancelled

Verity Harte (Yale)
What’s a particular, and what makes it so? Some thoughts, mainly about
Respondent: Peter Adamson (KCL)

Friday 9th November

Christopher Gill (Exeter)
Particulars, selves and individuals in Stoic philosophy
Respondent: Angie Hobbs (Warwick)

Marwan Rashed (Paris)
Particulars in Alexander of Aphrodisias
Respondent: Peter Adamson (KCL)

All meetings will be in the Wilkins Old Refectory (almost opposite the
Main Library entrance, in the centre of the cloisters).

There will be a reception after the paper on Wednesday afternoon in the
Wilkins Terrace Restaurant, and a conference dinner on Wednesday evening
(speakers and respondents as guests of the Colloquium; others are welcome
to attend at their own expense).