08 July 2007

Dear Friends

What's going on here:

  • attempting to finish four books (1 down, 3 to go)
  • vacation
  • moving household to Washington, DC (for a one year visiting appointment at Catholic U. of America)
  • teaching in Europe
You may have figured something from the silence.

Anyway, despite my best intentions, and near-best efforts, I resign myself, reluctantly, to not blogging on a regular basis until August. Until then...


Anonymous said...

"attempting to finish four books": reading or writing?(?!?)

Michael Pakaluk said...

Writing, but only two count as scholarly, and I'm only editing one of those! (Yes, I wanted to say something outrageous.)

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I am in similar situation now and due to that will not be able to read your posts untill August or so.. See you then

Anonymous said...

Welcome to CUA, glad to have you around.