13 April 2006

Dissoi Blogoi Readership

In the last two weeks, a typical span, readers from the following universities and colleges have visited Dissoi Blogoi:

Alberta, Arizona, Assumption, Australian National, Berkeley, Berlin, Birkbeck, Bristol, Brooklyn College, Brown, Cambridge, Chicago, Clark, Columbia, Cornell, Denison, Edinburgh, Fairfield, Florida, Florida International, Georgetown, Georgia, Gregorian, Hunter, Iceland, Illinois-Chicago, Indiana, Iowa State, Leuven, Memphis State, McGill, Melbourne, Michigan, Muenster, Northwestern, NYU, Ohio State, Ohio U., Oklahoma, Ottawa, Oxford, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Princeton, Salzburg, S. Illinois, St. Joseph’s, St. Louis, Tennessee, Texas-Austin, Thomas Aquinas, Toronto, UBC, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCSD, University of Kansas, University of the Pacific, University of Pennsylvania, University of St. Thomas, URI, University of Wales-Swansea, Utah, Vienna,Virginia Polytechnic, Washington, Wheaton, Wooster, Yale, Zurich

And the blog draws its readership from the following countries (in decreasing order of visits):
US, UK, Canada, Australia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, Japan, Norway, India, France, Switzerland, Uruguay, Slovakia, Brazil, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Venezuela, Poland, Israel, Mexico, Iceland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Sweden


Anonymous said...

Sir, that is rather interesting. The powers of the internet are amazing, especially when applied to communicating ideas in the realm of academia. How did you obtain these statistics?

A reader from the US of A.

Michael Pakaluk said...

Nearly all websites and especially blogs incorporate software which tracks use.

In business, statistics about visits to a webpage are essential for determining rates for advertisements and the value of an internet business (such as Google or Yahoo).