16 March 2006

Meletai Sophias

I flattered myself that the letter was indeed personally addressed to me--the one inviting me to contribute to Existentia, a new journal hailing from Budapest--until I saw a colleague, not an ancient philosopher, carrying around a copy similarly received in the mail.

I found the statement of "Aims & Scope" of the journay amenable: "Our periodical is focussed on classical European thought, especially on the timeliness and actualization of the imperishable doctrines of ancient Greek authors. This ancient humanism, the essential digest of which is philosophy, permeating the whole of human paidei/a and culture, is what our periodical wishes to display."

Bravo!, I say.

But then, strangely, this impressive statement concludes: "Although not an advocate of any one trend or school in philosophy, it endeavors to keep abreast of developments within phenomenology, hermeneutical philosophy and contemporary continental philosophy; it is also interested in investigations that probe possible points of intersection between the contintental and the Anglo-American traditions. Most articles are devoted to the philosophy of Hoelderlin, Husserl, and Heidegger."

Huh? What did I miss?