01 February 2006

Why Didn't It Work?

It should be a good idea: a clearinghouse for syllabi in philosophy. And yet the APA Online Resource Center Syllabus Collection has only a handful of specimens (and only one in ancient philosophy, offered by Richard Bett), and it hasn't been added to in five years.

Why--I wonder--has the idea flopped? Is it that people don't know about it? (I didn't.) Or do philosophers, who resist centralization anyway, find it unnecessary, since it is easy enough to find or post a syllabus already on the net?


Tim said...

Go to the link for submitting a syllabus and see how many fields you have to fill out. I think it would work a lot better if people could just select the type of class, fill in their name, and then upload a syllabus already written up as an attachment. Then somebody could htmlify it and post it--which wouldn't be too difficult; heck, just use Word's "convert to html" function if you want. The formatting may end up being a little funky/ugly, but it would be easy, and people would be willing to submit things.