28 January 2006

The Stack of Books on My Desk

My postings are not at random, as they may seem. Here is what I am reading now in ancient philoophy. Over the next few months, my posts will likely center on these works.

Plato, Philebus,
for the NYC Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy;

Plato, Phaedo,
for the Introduction to Philosophy course I'm teaching now, a semester-long examination of the Phaedo (I took from Bostock the idea of basing an intro course on the Phaedo);

Plato, Republic,
since I'm still trying to understand the basic argument of the Republic and have sketched several papers related to this theme;

Aristotle, Metaphysics,
for a seminar on that work, which I'm teaching this semester;

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics,
because I'm completing a translation of this work.