22 February 2005

Upcoming Lecture--February 24

I'll be attending this lecture and will give my reactions to it and the commentary on Friday.

My apologies if not all the symbols below and graphics appear on your screen. In the future I'll post such things as graphics pieces. (It will take a few days to get the kinks out.)

By the way, if you need further information, you can contact Prof. Gary Gurtler, Philosophy, Boston College: gurtlerg@bc.edu.

A map to Shea, where the lecture is being held, may be found here.

The Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy


The Law According to Plato

By Prof. Jean-Fran├žois Pradeau

(University of Paris X Nanterre

and Institut Universitaire de France)


Prof. Gavin Colvert

(Department of Philosophy, Assumption College)

Shea Room (Conte Forum, Boston College)

7:30 p.m.


Michael Pakaluk said...

I expect to be posting some excerpts soon from Gavin Colvert's commentary, the main point of which, if I understood it correctly, is that the Laws is a dialogue, not a legal treatise, and therefore its claims need to be interpreted according to the usual ways of reading a Platonic dialogue. Colvert challenged Pradeau to explain how he had taken this into account.